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The San Gabriel Valley Soccer Referee Association (SGVSRA) welcomes you to our website. We serve the San Gabriel Valley area during the fall Coast Soccer League season. The rest of the year we have tournaments, spring leagues, State and National Cup games throughout Southern California. We also assign referees to various adult leagues.

We will be meeting the first Tuesday of every month at the AQMD in Diamond Bar until further notice. Make sure you arrive early to receive credit for the instructional program at our meetings. No December meeting.

Our meetings begin promptly at 7:00 p.m. and end at approximately 8:30 p.m. Our meetings include crucial training and information to enhance your refereeing abilities and knowledge.

Our association welcomes all new members please feel free to join us at a meeting or contact us any time for information. We work hard to make our association a good working relationship among our members. We have a number of instructors and assessors to help you advance as a soccer referee within the United States Soccer Federation.

We have a great referee mentor program. It is coordinated by a number of our most successful referees and assessors. Our program includes on-field training, mentoring and evaluating to help our members to become better soccer referees. Find their contact information under executive board members.

Get Directions To:
21865 E. Copley Dr.
Diamond Bar California 91765

Join us on GroupMe to keep up with any unanswered questions, help on the field, or any other important information.  email assignor@sgvsra.org with your name and phone number!!