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Referee Training Resources

Resources available for reference on the interpretation and application of the Laws of the Game include:

  1. USSF Referee Administrative Handbook 2010/2011

  2. Information for new referees

The following PowerPoint presentations were produced by the United States Soccer Federation. You need to have PowerPoint installed on you computer to view these presentations, or download the PowerPoint Viewer by clicking PowerPoint Viewer. In most browsers, PowerPoint (or the viewer) will act as an add-in to the browser. Once the title page of the slide show is displayed, click on the page and you'll advance to the next slide.

Advanced (State Grade 6) Referee Training:

  1. Gamesmanship

    Advantage & Trifling Offenses

    Tactical Thinking for Referees

    Offside - A Historical Perspective

    Match Management - Game Control

    Coaching Fellow Referees


  2. The Psychology of Refereeing

   Intermediate (Referee Grade 7) Referee Training:

  1. Intro - Intermediate


    Duties of 4th Official

    8 Keys to Effective Communication

    Bench Control

    Identifying and Dealing with Foul Challenges


    Offside Duties

  2. Referee Ethics