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Glendora Coed Rules

Print this page and carry it with you!  


Glendora Adult League     Finbinder Park   Sports Park




  • This is a RECREATIONAL LEAGUE PERIOD please call a

        game so all are safe out there!


  • Coordinators are in charge of their teams. Coordinators are

        responsible for keeping their players under control at the

        matches and showing the referee respect


  • Coordinators will wear a Captain's Band or have marked

        player card as coordinator and be the liaisons with the refs.


  • Games start on Time 35 min halves


  • Player cards w/registration roster required-if missing player

        card verify by league roster w/registration number & DL.


  • 10 minute grace period to field 7 players otherwise a forfeit/ w/friendly

         (stay and do the game either way)


  • 4 women on the field. If less than 4 your team must play short.


  • 7 men on the field, no more than including keeper at any time.


  • Men have 5 Touches 5th touch is a pass.


  • Girls must make it live in the offense before a goal is scored


  • There will be no sliding or slide tackling.


  • Yellow Card will be 5 minutess off the field NO SUB


  • Red Cards will leave the facilities immediately and will not be able to participate in the next scheduled game/s. Any players playing on multiple teams that receive a red card may not participate in any games until their red card suspension is served


  • All Foul language is Card-able


  • Own goal can only happen if it is live by a girl on the scoring team.


  • Deflection by defender = Corner Kick


  • Arguing with the referee may cause an immediate yellow or red card
  •       No charging of any player. All 3 are yellow cards (5 minutes off no sub).
  •       This will not include the goalkeeper unless his intent is NOT to play the ball.

·             Subbing. Both teams may sub while out of play.




If you issue a for any violent conduct or referee assault, mail them (along with a report)


April Arnold

114 N. Glendora #178.  Glendora, CA 91741.

DO NOT give back the card to the coach or players. 

Also, send me an e-mail account of the incident.

If you take the  I.D. cards, DO NOT bring them or mail them to my house. 

Mail them to April.

Play-off games cannot end in a tie game. They will go to Kicks from the Penalty Mark. One of the five kickers must be a female. Championship games are the same.

All other F.I.F.A. laws will be applied.